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Date Name Description
23.12.1993 Haapsalu Castle/ 057-12-1993 The building of Haapsalu castle dates back to the first decades of foreign rule over Estonia in...
14.12.1993 150th anniversary of the poetess Lydia Koidula/ 050-09-1993 8:40 Born on 24 December 1843, Lydia Koidula was the foremost poetess of the period of the national...
10.12.1993 Hermann Castle in Narva/ 056-11-1993 Founded by the Danes at the beginning of the 14th century, the Hermann castle of Narva was...
03.12.1993 Christmas. Cathedral churches/ 053-10-1993
03.12.1993 Christmas. Cathedral churches/ 052-10-1993
13.11.1993 75th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia Postal Service/ 049-09-1993
13.11.1993 75th anniversary of Estonian postage stamps/ 048-09-1993 The 1-kroon stamp features the first postage stamp of independent Estonia, issued on 24 November...
12.10.1993 Toompea Castle in Tallinn/ 047-08-1993 Although the first stronghold of the Estonians was erected was on the hill of Toompea apparently...
08.09.1993 Coat of arms/ 046-07-1993
08.09.1993 Coat of arms/ 045-07-1993